The Poseurs review of "Turn Again" in the British magazine, Heavy Soul Issue #6

The Poseurs was an idea borne out of the 1980's Mod Revival movement. The founding members, both called Chris, were determined to start a band that would impact the social condition of Maggie Thatcher's England - which proved difficult as they were both in Southern California. Early hopes for the band were dashed when, tragically, at the young age of 21, one of the Chris's took a position as a chartered accountant. The sole remaining member moved to Portland, Oregon to find the equivalent of the English Rain, and patiently waited for Grunge to end. Thanks to the prevailing wage job, The Poseurs made it into the studio to complete the important work that was begun so, so, long ago.

The track on this issue's CD-"Turn Again" was envisioned as a "lost track" from the heyday of 1960's pre-psychedelic-Rickenbacker-based bands such as The Who and The Kinks. Recorded and mixed entirely in Mono, in a dark studio, in the rain. "Turn Again" is an angst-ridden romp through dashed hopes and fickle adolescence - with the requisite juxtaposition of sad lyrics to sunny pop melodies. Expect unabased harmonies, vintage hooks, oh, and they might have nicked a few things here and there. The band is really a concept project, yet even with only one permanent member, they still seem to have artistic differences. Luckily, there are some really talented mates to help get the tracks down.

The Poserus have a strict policy of never playing live. It's really more of a guideline.

To Contact The Poseurs: Attn: Chris Rich, U.S.A. (503) 314-5985,

Chris Rich - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Rickenbacker 12 string, Eposphone Casino, Mark Kent - Bass, Backing Vocals, Eric Flint - Drums, Carlos Severe Marcelin - Producer, Engineer, Lead Guitar


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