saturday, february 19, 2011. hawthorne theater lounge, portland, oregon. carlos severe marcelin.

friday, january 28, 2011. ash street saloon, portland, oregon. sally tomato, the shatterbrains, high desert hooligans, gordon avenue. birthday celebration for chris berry.

thursday, december 16, 2010, the know, portland, oregon. sally tomato's toy room film screening, carlos severe marcelin live performance.

sunday, december 5, 2010, plan b, portland, oregon. benefit show for oregon food band with sally tomato acoustic duo, the shatterbrains, carlos severe marcelin, black haze, of former fame, the bittersoundfase.

friday, november 26, 2010, tiger bar, portland, oregon. sally tomato and little beirut. silkenseed reuinion, folks in town.

saturday, november 20, 2010. hawthorne theater lounge, portland, oregon. carlos severe marcelin.

thursday, october 14, 2010, grand detour, portland, oregon. sally tomato's toy room, film screening.

sunday, october 10, 2010, cinema paradiso, ft. lauderdale, florida. ipon! film screening at ft. lauderdale international film festival.

thursday, september 30, 2010, plan b, portland, oregon. toy room film screening.

friday, august 30, 2010, plan b, portland, oregon. sally tomato's toy room, film screening.

friday, august 12, 2010, clinton street theater, portland, oregon. sally tomato's toy room, film premiere.

saturday, august 7, 2010, music millennium, portland, oregon. sally tomato in-store performance.

saturday, march 20, 2010, severe studios, portland, oregon. house party.

january 27, 2010, alberta street public house, portland, oregon. ipon! animated film screens and wins "suck my flick" weekly showcase.

november 2nd - 8th, 2009. international film festival south africa in dargle, south africa. toy room film screening.

monday, november 23, 2009, mt. tabor theatre, portland, oregon. 'the traveling tomato' series film screenings.

july 14th - 19th, 2009. thailand international film festival. phuket, thailand. toy room film screening.

saturday, june 13, 2009. heart of england film festival. bosworth battlefield, leicestershire, united kingdom. toy room film screening. wins best music based film.

friday, june 12, 2009. heart of england film festival. casa bar. tamworth, united kingdom. toy room screening.

friday, june 5, 2009. swansea bay film festival. dylan thomas centre. swansea bay, wales, united kingdom.

wednesday, may 6th, 2009. british film festival los angeles. custom hotel. los angeles, california. rodeo land from toy room nominated for best music video.

april 29th, 2009. new beijing international movie week. club obiwan. beijing, china. toy room film screening.

april 5th - 10th, 2009. international film festival egypt in cairo, egypt. toy room film screening.

friday, april 4 through sunday, april 6, 2008, wonder ball room, portland, oregon. portland premiere of sally tomato's toy room. 5 shows

saturday, february 2nd, 2008, severe studios. toy room dress rehearsal and party for cast and crew.

saturday, august 18th, 2007, severe studios. the pilot performance of toy room for cast and crew sure got the juices flowin'.

friday, august 25th, 2006, slabtown with little beirut. extra fun show because we shared the stage with other silkenseed members, marge's wedding party was mostly there, mostly, and carlos' father and step mom.

saturday, august 19th, 2006, music millennium customer appreciation bbq. free music, free food, free beer, what a guy that terry currier!

sunday, july 9th, 2006, oregon country fair, hoarse chorale. special times at a special place.

saturday, november 5th, 2005, whine and lick'er party, portland, carlos severe marcelin, aaron pendland, the poseurs, sally tomato, little beirut

tuesday, august 23rd, 2005, dante's, portland, camorra, sally tomato, giant bug village. pabst did a live and local spotlight on this one

friday, august 12th, 2005, bossanova, portland, wooden nickel, sally tomato, arrows for eros

saturday, june 6th, 2005, private party at sean's, carlos severe marcelin- first show for the duo. sally tomato- first live full barbie as 3 piece

thursday, april 28th, 2005, the white eagle, portland, oregon with here comes everybody. they played songs from their upcoming submarine album there we enjoyed a lot.

saturday, december 11th, 2004, concentration cd release, the blue monk on belmont, 3341 se belmont, portland, oregon, professor gall, sally tomato, lea krueger

saturday, november 27th, 2004, music millennium in-store performance, 801 NW 23d, portland, oregon

thursday, november 18th, 2004, mississippi studios, 3939 n mississippi ave, portland, oregon

sunday, november 14th, 2004, language of the circle, co7 gallery, se 7th and harrison

saturday, october 30th, 2004, party at kelly brewer's house. sally and carlos duo cause eric had family matters to attend to. just as well cause the neighbor was unkind and we were too loud anyway. we had fun nonetheless.

saturday, september 11th, 2004, music fest nw at lolas room in portland. 1st show with eric. great crowd, good times. sheshesheshira on sound, always a good thing. engaged the audience with engagement rings.

january 16, 2002, at ash street saloon, portland. with Drew Norman and the Gone Orchestra

november 3rd, 2001, at the logos lounge in olympia, washington.

october 31st, 2001, haloween at the snake and weasel with shed incorporated.

august 24th, 2001, gale's pub in manzanita, oregon with luke warmwater poetry and portland friends.

july 29th, 2001, mt. tabor acoustic room with some pidgin and the bass stylings of ben byrdie (ben schroeder).

august 5th, 2000, cravedog family picnic. tod crosby put this great event on every year in hornings hideout. the picnic is over but the hideout remains.

march 26th, 2000, sinferno show at dante's. guy pulled his pants down for sally.

december 11th, 1999, tugboat brewery, drew norman and christy opened.


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