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“Sally Tomato. Is she the product of Artificial Intelligence? Is she a figment of some deranged scientist’s libidinously twisted mentation? Is she the 21st century uberfrau? Is she all of the above? Indeed she is, and more. Much more.” SP Clarke 

Whereas most are drawn to music as a simple means of expression, Sally Tomato passionately claimed music as the product of her entire being, as she emerged from a distant womb in a faraway place. She learned to play piano by ear at age two. After visiting the doctor she was advised to stop playing piano with her ears and try using her hands. When she subsequently learned to crawl onto the dining room table she began singing to American Bandstand and worked on her stage presence for a number of years, eventually going to college on a vocal scholarship and singing her way into the hearts of many. An evening with Sally Tomato is like having a beat poet on a swing set in your living room. Her story songs stem from a long line of storytellers in her family, most notably the legendary saddle maker Duff Severe. 

Sally's backing instrumentalists -- Carlos Severe Marcelin on guitar and electronics and Eric Flint on drums -- utilize textured guitars, sequencing, loops, various electronic gadgets, and a huge drum kit to make it all happen, adding richness and depth to Sally's wild fluctuations between smoky chanteuse and reciting child. 

“Even though we are born the same, over time we are not. We are cut and scarred and made into human art.” Sally Tomato

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