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Carlos is a multimedia musician. Intermingling symphonic, electronic and acoustic audio with visual and other physical mediums, dissonance and dramatic harmonies alternate with playful consonance, industrial percussion and urban dust and dirt.

He studied music at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana under Polish Composer Barbara Jazwinski from 1990-1994. Modern classical music influences can be seen woven into his essentially classic rock upbringing around this time. Over the years his enamoration with the classical orchestra as well as the avant guard techniques introduced into 20th century classical music have steadily gained momentum in his compositions.


He performed with the regional touring act Silkenseed from 1990-2000 and started the iconoclastic band Sally Tomato with his wife shortly thereafter. Sally Tomato has been the vehicle for much of Carlos' music, encompassing 2 rock operas performed both on stage and in film, along with a number of musical travelmentary videos as well as traditional EPs and full length releases.


The instrumental "Planets" album by Sally Tomato's Pidgin showcases Carlos and drummer Eric Flint's instrumental capacity while featuring cameos by Sally Tomato and foreshadowing the future evolution of the duo into their modern incarnation as The Infinity Zoo.


In addition to ongoing projects with the Infinity Zoo, Carlos continues his solo career with albums spanning various genres, from ambient, to orchestral, to guitar infused prog-rock. Sally Tomato continues to grace the recordings, in a less formal capacity.


As a composer, performer, producer and seeker, Marcelin runs Severe Enterprises, a film and music studio in Damascus, Oregon.

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